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Hey Westjet, where the f*ck is my bag?

Hey, thanks for clicking!

It's December 24th as I write this, 1 day before Christmas, and I'm still waiting on a bag from my flight from Calgary to Winnipeg on December 20th.

Aside from the obvious frustration of having a bag delayed for 4 whole days and counting, there's the additional frustration that I've flown over from England to Winnipeg for Christmas, and am now missing all of the gifts I brought with me.

My surname is Grenfell, booking reference is SUVAIL, and you can contact me at for my bag tag/lost baggage reference.

I'm leaving Winnipeg shortly with another airline, and expect to have my bag with me ASAP so you don't have to route it to my final destination. Please contact me at the above address at the earliest convenience.