Current projects

In addition to running ads for brands, I have a couple of different side projects. This page is a list of projects that I'm currently working on.

How do you build paid search campaigns? Everyone who does this for a living has their own method. Some do it manually in Google Ads, while others write complex scripts.

I'm of the belief that scripts can help you build campaigns that are significantly more powerful and complex than you could ever build manually. Scripting isn't for everyone though, so how do you level the playing field?

I'm currently working on, a visual campaign builder that lets you create large-scale, sophisticated campaigns in minutes.

It takes a variable-driven approach; letting you define variables which can take an unlimited number of values. You then use the variables to build keywords, and to precisely tailor each keyword's ad copy to the relevant search terms. This helps you build relevant ads, with high CTRs and low CPCs.

It's about to enter beta stage; if you'd like to use it for free then sign up on the link above and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Validated Growth Strategies

In my work I spend a bunch of time poking through bits of advertising data. One of my favourite data sources to look through is Google Ads' Keyword Planner.

It lets you access a phenomenal amount of data, and is great for validating product ideas. I often like playing around with Keyword Planner just to see how easy it'd be to build different sorts of brands through search ads alone.

While I'm unlikely to ever start a brand myself based on this data, I know plenty of others might. That's why I started bundling the data into a newsletter called Validated Growth Strategies. Each week, I send out a complete analysis of how to grow a different sort of brand or product through paid channels.

The emails contain a keyword strategy, a pre-built search campaign (made in, an probabilistic profit forecaster, as well as creative & targeting strategies for social and display ads. It comes out once a week - sign up at the link above to start reading.

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