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About Me

I'm a performance marketer, with a little bit of a difference.

I have a background in maths and physics, and focus on using quantitative methods to help brands grow.

If you're looking to take a more mathematical approach to your marketing then great news, I'm open to freelance work. You can get in touch with me here, or you can keep reading this to learn more about me.

My Background

My background isn't really in marketing.

I grew up wanting to be a scientist, and went away to do a Bachelor's and Master's in Physics & Philosophy at Oxford University. I spent my summers working on the ATLAS detector at CERN's Large Hadron Collider, and writing finance-y code at Goldman Sachs.

I fell into marketing by accident really, but soon fell in love with the quantitative side of it.

I started out at an agency called Brainlabs, where I worked as an account manager (and then director) across a range of paid search & social accounts.

One of my highlights was teaching myself how to set up event-based conversion tracking for the first time, and using this to scale up a brand's paid social from around £10k to over £300k per month, in the space of half a year.

I also started to get interested in the more technical side of things, finding little pockets of spare time to write scripts and API queries with. I still do this a lot today, you can see some of the output of this here.

After 2 years I left Brainlabs to go and join Babylon Health just before they pulled off Europe's largest ever series B. I worked there for a year and a half, managing all the brand's digital spend across the UK & US.

My Interests

Within marketing, there are a couple of topics that I'm particularly interested in.

Outside The 9-to-5

I race as an age-group triathlete (i.e. non-professional) for Great Britain, competing in World & European championship events.


This site is full of my writing, but if you don't like the colour yellow you can also find me on Medium.

The articles I'm most proud of are this one about market making on crypto exchanges, which has had 30k hits, and this one about calculus in marketing, which has had 10k hits and made it to position #1 on Hacker News.

I've also done some interviews and some panels here.

Let's connect.

Feel free to get in touch with me here, or drop your email below if you'd like to hear about new articles I put out.

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